Volunteer Labs

BOMGarten Version .1 (Alpha) Released!

In our commitment to combat electronics obsolescence I’ve released a free tool for developers that use KiCAD! I’m calling it BOMGarten. Available for download at GitHub.

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HUBZone Certified!

It finally happened! Volunteer Research Laboratories LLC is officially HUBZone certified!

I’d like to thank everyone who helped me get to this point, especially the Small Business Administration (SBA). Without fail, they answered all of my questions and provided an amazing amount of support and assistance to me personally, as well as Volunteer Research Laboratories LLC. Seriously, you folks are the best!

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Making cool KiCAD artwork

Importing art into KiCAD isn’t anything new. People have been doing it since the invention of fire and use of bone tools.

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SCORE Workshop: Your WordPress Website & Digital Marketing Strategy 101

Volunteer Research Laboratories LLC will be attending: SCORE Workshop: Your WordPress Website & Digital Marketing Strategy 101 Hope to see you November 15!

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Day One

Volunteer is very much in business today. HUBZone is pending, ISO9001 is in draft, and AS9100 is being researched.

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ISO9001 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s awful, but what can you do?

Don’t mistake what I’m about to say as being “mean”, it’s just that I truly didn’t know any of this until recently.

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Don’t be the MATLAB guy.

Occasionally I’m asked if I “know” MATLAB. My former company had two licenses for MATLAB, and my development machine was one of the two computers with a license installed.

You see, the last guy that owned my work computer was a Ph.D. HE knew MATLAB.

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A Private Git server using Raspberry Pi 3

Sometimes you don’t want to share. That’s what this post is all about. Intentionally not sharing code and data. In this project, I wanted a private Git repo that I could access on my network through SSH.

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I have many passwords. I also apparently have “security fatigue.”

What sucks is that I need my passwords to be stronger. I can’t remember them when they’re auto-generated and entirely random. There ARE solutions to my problem out there, like Mooltipass, Yubikey, and the U2F Zero. These are very cool, but the U2F Zero isn’t available at the moment, Yubikeys are $40 a piece, and Mooltipass is $79.

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Google MyMaps is Amazing

I’m usually not a google fanboy. I even tried to “de-google” my phone last year with mixed results. Maybe I’ll write up a thing about that experience, but let me tell you, my cell phone isn’t the same.

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