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Do Drones Dream of Electronic Warfare? (Part 1)

It’s getting close to spring time in ye olde Connecticut, and with better weather comes more time that can be spent outside. With that in mind, I’m bringing back a personal project that I had set aside for a purely metaphorical rainy day. A drone that flies around with hacker tools and collects data.

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A Private Git server using Raspberry Pi 3

Sometimes you don’t want to share. That’s what this post is all about. Intentionally not sharing code and data. In this project, I wanted a private Git repo that I could access on my network through SSH.

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I have many passwords. I also apparently have “security fatigue.”

What sucks is that I need my passwords to be stronger. I can’t remember them when they’re auto-generated and entirely random. There ARE solutions to my problem out there, like Mooltipass, Yubikey, and the U2F Zero. These are very cool, but the U2F Zero isn’t available at the moment, Yubikeys are $40 a piece, and Mooltipass is $79.

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